We accept scanned PDF signed copies of timesheets

This can be done via a scanner or through a scanning app on your phone. For those of you with smart phones it will make the payroll process for you much easier. We of course will continue to accept timesheets sent through the post.

The benefits to you will be that you are certain we have received it, you will save on postage, have a sent history to review, and most beneficial of all, you can now have your Saturday and Sunday shifts included in the next week's payment run!

Timesheet Quick Guide

If you need any help on how to use the timesheet apps, please click the link below to view our quick and easy timesheet scanning guide.

How to scan your timesheets

For those of you with smart phones please follow the simple instructions below to download Tiny PDF Scanner (which is free and tested by us):

Apple Store tap here

Android tap here

Tiny PDF Scanner help & advice

When using Tiny PDF Scanner please note that you have to hold your smartphone in place a few seconds after scan appears to have been taken to ensure high quality. The free version allows you to take only two scans but you can always clear these down to create space for new timesheets.

Where to email your timesheet to

Once you have taken the Scan please send timesheets to timesheets@vipnursing.co.uk.

Timesheet requirements

To be paid promptly, please ensure your completed timesheet meets the following requirements:

  • Please include your First Name and Surname in the Subject of the email
  • Please scan the white copy only- Please only send PDFs, out payroll system will not recognise pictures
  • Please only use Tiny Scanner if using a mobile scanner. The contrast is better for our payroll system to read
  • Only send your email once, you now have this automated response to verify receipt
  • Only send one image per attachment
  • Please do not scan 2 timesheets as one page
  • Include any receipts on the same page that relate to the shift, including your payroll number and date of the shift that the receipt(s) relate to
  • If you have emailed your timesheets, please do not also post a copy

The most important part of this process is the quality of the scan. If you cannot make out what the scan says neither can we. Please ensure that the scan is free from any grey haze prior to sending.

By ensuring the scan is of a high standard it will ensure you are paid promptly.